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What Frank Rollo says about Tom Farrell and FDB -

"During my nearly 48 years of practicing geotechnical engineering in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have crossed paths with many foundation contractors large and small. What stands out to me about you and your company is your consistent professional conduct. Because you are a licensed geotechnical engineer I can always count on your honest feedback and discussion regarding foundation solutions. In all of the projects that we have worked on together, I have had an excellent experience with you."  **Get the letter (pdf)**

Frank Rollo CE, GE
Principal Engineer
LANGAN - Treadwell & Rollo

Treadwell + Rollo

Farrell has collected numerous customer testimonials over the years...

As said by one of our founders - "... leave the job site in a neat and tidy condition and you will have a customer for life," Michael Farrell (retired founder).

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