Geopier® History at Farrell.  Farrell offers Compacted Aggregate Pier and Vibro Stone Column.

In July 2017, Farrell grows to better serve more customers and bring Proven Foundation Solutions to projects across all of California and the West Coast.  Our mission is to Deliver proven foundation solutions to discerning owners and their teams in a responsive, honest, and passionate way to assure your projects Go Vertical with Confidence®!  Our goal to better serve our customer’s diverse foundation needs across all of California compelled Farrell to close its relationship with Geopier Foundation Company.

Any Geopier® project shown or any mention of Geopier® systems on Farrell’s website or brochures is not meant to represent any current affiliation with Geopier Foundation Company as of July 6, 2017.

Farrell Design-Build signed agreements with Geopier Foundation Company in 1999 and 2007.  Farrell used the Geopier® systems to build its Compacted Aggregate Pier and Vibro Stone Column projects from 1999 to 2017.  CAP and VSC replace the original rammed/tamped Geopier®, Rammed Aggregate Pier®, and the Impact® pier.

Farrell now delivers Compacted Aggregate Pier (CAP) and Compacted Soil Column (CSC) ground improvement.  CAP and CSC deliver the same compaction/energy and engineering benefits as the Geopier® systems.

Farrell now delivers Vibro Stone Column (VSC) and Vibro Displacement Column (VDC) ground improvement.  VSC delivers vibrolance/vibroflot horizontal vibrations. VSC and VDC deliver the same densification and compaction/energy and engineering benefits as the Geopier® systems.

With offices in Irvine and Sacramento, you can contact Farrell to Get a Bid for any ground improvement or deep foundation project in California and the West Coast.  Our team is committed to helping you make your next project Go Vertical with Confidence®!

Geopier®, Rammed Aggregate Pier®, and Impact® are the registered trademarks of Geopier Foundation Company.