About Farrell


About Farrell

Farrell Design-Build is a specialty geocontractor serving California and the West Coast.  We design and build deep foundation and ground improvement support for heavy structures, parking garages, class A offices, hospitals, schools and university, water treatment plants, industrial buildings, warehouses, and high-rise/multi-story structures. All of Farrell’s engineers are in house, we own our equipment, we install what we design and engineer, and this is all backed by over 20 years of experience and proven performance.

Farrell’s History

In 2021, Farrell Design-Build was acquired by Menard USA.  Menard USA is part of the larger Vinci Construction of Paris, France.  See the full announcement here.

In 2019, Farrell Design-Build celebrated 20 years of service in the California Foundation Industry.  Check out the 20 Year Farrell Video of the Company’s history.

Farrell Design-Build began as the ambitious dream of Tom Farrell to work with his dad Michael and to build a great company that delightfully serves its people and customers.  From its origins as a general contractor in the 1980’s, Farrell’s evolution, innovation, and expertise as a leading specialty geocontractor supports many owner’s investments and dreams in California.

Tom had the great opportunity to advance the pioneering and industry-changing Geopier® system in California with Geopier inventor Nathaniel Fox.  In 1994, Tom worked with Dr. Fox to design and engineer the first Geopier project in California at the South Napa Marketplace (view 1998 paper).  In 1996, Farrell installed its first Geopier® project at the Ebara Technologies Campus in Sacramento.  Since these early beginnings, Farrell has delivered over 20 years of ground improvement and foundation design, engineering, and construction in California.

Innovation, design-build, and relationships are the keys to our growth and success.  The inclusion of a strong engineering team from the early days has distinguished Farrell as an innovative, problem solving company, that collaborates with the owner’s team.  As an industry leader, Farrell has expanded its services to include Auger Cast Pile and Drill Displacement PileAuger Cast Column™ and Drill Displacement Column™Compacted Soil Column and Compacted Aggregate PierVibro Stone Column and Vibro Displacement ColumnRapid Impact Compaction and Rapid Vibro Compaction, and Micro pile and Helical Pile.  The design-build nature of our business, our collaborative process, and our specialized experience with industry-changing ground improvement has earned Farrell the great reputation as quality, outside-the-box, thinkers with proven foundation solutions who get the job done.

Farrell’s commitment to our community and industry is to leave a legacy of hard work, focused attention, and persistent service. We want our customers, partners, and employees to know, that above all else we are honest and firm, we strive to be graceful and humble, and we persist to be proactive in our work and relationships, so we can all Go Vertical with Confidence!®

Farrell’s Mission

Farrell delivers proven foundation solutions to discerning owners and their teams in a responsive, honest, and passionate way to assure your projects Go Vertical with Confidence!®

Serve Our People

  • Reward employees who rally and hustle for our customers
  • Praise, acknowledge, and celebrate achievements
  • Provide opportunities for growth, success, and a balanced life
  • Support, encourage, and love our families and employees to God’s glory

Serve Our Customers

  • Collaborate with and listen to our customers
  • Educate our customers on alternate options
  • Deliver value and a quality product that meets our customer’s desired results
  • Perform safely, on-time, and in budget

Farrell’s Core Values

The Farrell Way starts with our Core Values.  Safety First. Our family demands it, our industry demands it, and it is the right thing to do!  We make a great team and the grout that holds the “team success” together, is Honesty and Integrity in all that we do, review, communicate, report, act on, and reflect on.  Safety plus Honesty and Integrity set the foundation for success.  Now we focus on Proactive and Persistent Service while delivering Quality Solutions for employees, partners, and ultimately our customers.  The Farrell way is simple = Safety First, Honesty and Integrity, Proactive and Persistent Service with Quality Solutions.  Then we do the work and repeat the process to support our customers long term hard assets.

  • Safety First
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Proactive & Persistent Service
  • Quality Solutions

You can count on Farrell’s professional attention to engineering, safety, construction, and quality control to make your project Go Vertical with Confidence!®