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BART Pleasant Hill Parking Garage


Farrell grows its ground improvement services and had to end its Geopier licenses, read more.


Foundation System

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Soft/Loose Soil


Pleasant Hill, CA



Geotechnical Engineer

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Project Summary

The Bay Area Rapid Transit Authority needed to upgrade its Pleasant Hill station parking structure to meet demand in 2004.  BART hired Watry Design Inc. to engineer and prepare the construction documents for the new 8-story, 1,547 space, parking garage addition.  Farrell collaborated with BART engineers, Watry, and Treadwell & Rollo to provide a foundation solution that met requirements for bearing, lateral, and uplift seismic demand.  A major design issue was the drilled pier support of the existing garage.  Farrell had to provide a solution that controlled differential settlement to less than 1/4 inch in 30 feet at the drive aisle connections of the new garage to the existing garage.

BART hired Overaa Construction in 2006 to start construction of the new garage structure.  Farrell’s collaboration resulted in using the Geopier system, a Rammed Aggregate Pier (RAP).  We installed over 800 RAPs including 180 uplift RAPs for the new construction.  The BART tracks were running every day during construction, and Farrell crews performed according to the strict noise and vibration criteria to eliminate disruption of BART’s daily activity.  The project was a success and opened on June 30, 2008.

From September 1999 to July 2017, Farrell Design-Build designed and constructed aggregate pier systems for its projects under license from the Geopier® Foundation Company and some of these projects are shown here. Any Geopier® project shown is not meant to represent any current affiliation with Geopier Foundation Company. Geopier®, Impact® Pier, and Rammed Aggregate Pier® are registered trademarks of the Geopier® Foundation Company. For more information, please visit Geopier® History.

“What stands out to me about you and your company is your consistent professional conduct. Because you are a licensed geotechnical engineer, I can always count on your honest feedback and discussion regarding foundation solutions.”

Frank Rollo

Treadwell & Rollo